Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cautionary Tales

Apparently, NASA was never given the funding to build the telescopes necessary to find asteroids that threaten our planet with destruction.

Report: NASA Can't Keep Up With Killer Asteroids*

This is why disaster movies are so important - they are not only significant creatively, but they are the cautionary tales for our society. They warn us of the things that should scare us. They alert us to the dangers we refuse to see.

And they do it all within 90 minutes (or, if it's a miniseries, 4 hours, but that's spaced out over two weeks with commercials, so it's more like two sets of 90 minute movies, but the point stands).

This is a blog devoted to the awesomeness of disaster movies. I'm including some "freakishly large bloodthirsty animal rampage" movies in this category. These movies will be ranked on a completely arbitrary scale depending on how I feel that particular day. There will be no rhyme or reason, much like the plots. There will just be hours of destruction, culminating in the rugged hero saving the planet from destruction. And it will be awesome.

*Side note: I am loving the AP's shift away from objective journalism to this weird hybrid of actual news with a blogger's flippancy. When else would you see the term "Killer Asteroids" in a news piece?