Friday, November 13, 2009

2012 Photoblog

So, last night I went to see the seminal "Mayan Apocalypse" movie of our time (and no, Mel Gibson, I'm not forgetting Apocalypto).

I was so excited to see it, Scott and I dressed up in costume as our favorite natural disasters. I was a volcano, he was a hurricane.

His costume was just a sign that said hurricane with a cloud drawn around it. I told him that hurricanes aren't just a bunch of clouds, but he said, "Whatever, I look like a jackass, you owe me."

We got there three hours early because I wanted to make sure we had the best seats. I know they were already reserved, but I just wanted to be safe. So, to kill some time, we went to the restaurant inside the theater.

I got several compliments on my volcano hat. No one complimented Scott on his costume, probably because it was inaccurate.

The Arclight Cafe has really good calamari. Or, as I called it, Calamari OF DOOM! I might or might not have made screaming noises every time I ate a piece.

Finally, at 10:45, we were able to go into the Cineramadome. Here I am getting my ticket ripped. I had planned on saving my ticket whole, but some sacrifices have to be made.

Yay, popcorn!

I reserved a whole row of seats for friends who might want to come along, but no one RSVP'd. That's okay, though, because it just meant I had a whole row to myself.

Here's Scott eating popcorn in costume before the movie. We finished the whole thing by the time the movie started, because we were sitting in the theater for 45 minutes. It was totally worth it, though.

2012 was epic. By epic, I mean really, really long - 2 hours and 40 minutes. My post on the movie itself will be up soon, but the demand to see the volcano hat was so high, I figured I'd do two separate posts. Check back again later for my full post on 2012.

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